If you see me on a regular basis you’ll probably notice one thing. I’m usually wearing some kind of sweatshirt/jumper. I am the Queen of jumpers. I had to go on a jumper ban for many many months last year as my obsession was getting out of hand. I think I bought 6 in one day when I already had a wardrobe mainly consisting of jumpers. I think you get the point…

Anyway, the other day I was scrolling through Instagram (like I do far too often) and I saw a plain black sweatshirt with the phrase ‘Straight outta Radley’ on it. As a PLL addict I was in awe of the beauty and ended up logging on to Da Silva London which is a website dedicated to sassy slogan sweatshirts. It’s literally my dream!

There are currently 10 collections which include many typical blogger/basic bitch/cliche slogans as well as quotes from Pretty Little Liars, Mean Girls and Scream Queens. In an ideal world I’d wear them everyday and switch up the slogans to suit my mood. I’m sure I’d alternate between ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Sassy’!

Da Silva London

These are all around £35 a pop but if you’re wanting a slightly more purse friendly option, Hannah Gale has some blogger-perfect jumpers at £25 and Lost Cove Apparel start from around £15.