‘What’s In My Bag’ posts have been around since the dawn of blogging but it’s rare that I see a ‘What’s In My Camera Bag’ post. Considering photography is a huge part of blogging, it’s probably worth delving into a bloggers’ camera bag to see exactly what’s involved in taking the photos which can take a blog from drab to fab.

Cameras are becoming more and more incredible as the years go by. We have high quality 4K cameras, Super Zoom and even 3D. It’s crazy what technology is becoming – I still feel like I’m in the 90s with my Tamagotchi and Nokia 3310, not one step closer to teleportation!

Olympus Pen EPL7

Anyway, back to cameras. I recently downsized my main camera from the Canon 600D to the Olympus Pen EPL7. I also had the Panasonic DMC-GF6 (newer model here) which I sold to my boyfriend’s dad as he was looking for an upgrade of his current camera and I was looking to combine the quality of my Canon with the size of my Panasonic. As the main thing I would be focusing on is photography and not so much film, the Olympus Pen EPL7 was perfect for me. I bought it with the 18-55mm pancake lens (seriously worth the extra cost) and added in the 45mm lens too so I could get the cliche blogger blurry backgrounds which I love so much.

For Christmas I was bought the Olympus Pen Street Case which is the perfect size for the camera and extra lens plus a few accessories. I hate massive camera bags that look like they belong on the shoulder of an old man and Olympus have some really nice, modern camera bags and cases which is exactly what I was looking for! Amazon is also a great place to look for more budget friendly options. A camera bag is a must have for protecting your camera – it’s no good spending a few hundred pounds on something and having it scratched within a month! Even if it’s just a protective sleeve, get a case!

Olympus Pen EPL7

A must have for anyone with a digital camera is a memory card. There are so many different ones out there ranging in size from 4GB to much larger 128GB as well as different speeds. What you’re generally looking for is a Class 10 (highest speed) and I tend to go for a minimum of 32GB. There’s nothing worse than running out of space while you’re shooting out and about! Something like this is ideal.


A tripod is a handy tool to have in your camera kit. It helps get a steady shot and also allows you to do time lapse photos or photo montages which I loved doing during my college photography course. I have a Manfrotto one as well as a GorillaPod for awkward spaces! As with most camera equipment it’s worth paying the extra at the beginning for accessories that are going to last. You want your tripod to be sturdy otherwise there’s no point in having one! A tripod and memory card are where it’s most important to invest!

Camera cleaners aren’t generally something I used to think about but it can make a world of a difference once you’ve given your lens a quick clean. Use a soft lens cloth to give your lens a quick clean and remove any built up dust. A little air blower can get dust out of little nooks and crannies. You can pick up a camera cleaning kit for cheap here.

There’s a lot more accessories you can get for your camera if you’re taking it to a professional level, but for everyday or blogging purposes I find this is more than enough for my needs.

What’s in your camera bag? Tag me in your posts if you write one – I’d love to see!