In the last few months I’ve written a handful of posts about why I haven’t been blogging but then deleted them and got back to watching Suits. Not gunna lie, I’m a little in love with Mike Ross.

I ended up going into Lush to repurchase D’Fluff for my damn fluffy legs and walked out with a couple of Bubble Bars. Tbh the bath bomb I’d used that morning looked like someone had peed in my bath so I needed something pretty and new. Anyway, something about Lush brings out the blogger still buried deep in me (somewhere below my love for wine, cats and Netflix) and I felt a post bubbling up in me to show you the things you’ve no doubt seen at least 350 times on the internet already.


Apparently it’s not socially acceptable to parade around in shorts and dresses with hairy legs. I gave up shaving my legs when I’d cut them in at least 2 places whenever I got out my razor. This gives a good slip and slide for the razor to not gash you open and leaves my legs smooth and not irritated. Love it. It’s a tad expensive but a little goes a long way so it lasts a good while.


The Comforter

Despite the fact I’ve watched lots of Lush hauls on YouTube, I haven’t really learnt much about what they do. I asked the guy to show me the best bath thing that could be used multiple times (breaking up a bath bomb is MESSY ya’ll), made some bubbles and did nice things to your skin. He showed me this. I bought it. It’s a YouTuber/blogger fave so it must be good, right?


Milky Bath

I only bought this cus I like the milk bottle sweets and just something about it made me want to bathe in it. That weird? Probably. The ingredients are meant to be quite softening and creamy which sounds dreamy.

Anything else I should spend my money on in Lush?