Netflix is basically my life when I get home from work. I’m always looking for a new series to watch (usually something that was ‘the thing’ 2 years ago) which I end up getting hooked to and ignoring all other life around me. Sorry boyfriend. I’m really into law-style series’ at the moment and dreaming of becoming a lawyers assistant (i’m not clever enough to actually be a lawyer) and am considering a life of courtrooms and cases!


This is the most recent series I binge-watched. It’s only arrived a couple of weeks ago and I’m already done watching! It’s about a French-born guy who cleans up crime scenes for a living but gets involved with some criminal guys when his brother shows up after years of not seeing him. There’s drama from the past, family drama and lots of blood. It’s based in London which to me makes it so much more real and gripping! I was totally hooked and screamed at the TV multiple times. Watch it now.


Oh Mike, you little angel face you! In a nutshell, Suits follows Mike who ‘accidentally’ lands himself as a lawyer even though he’s not qualified. He’s a bloody ace lawyer though and if I ever got myself in trouble I’d totally want him on my side! Over the 5 series (only 4 on Netflix currently) you really see how the characters develop in ways you never thought. It’s a show full of wit, banter and sexy sophistication.

Breaking Bad

Still hands down up in my top 3 favourite series of ever. You know what this is about. It’s a Science teacher with cancer trying to make money to fund his treatment by making meth. It’s totally badass.

Orange is the New Black

When I first heard the plotline for this show I was not feeling it but I gave it a go and who knew criminal lesbians could be so entertaining!? Series 4 was absolutely mental and I highly recommend giving it a watch!

Orphan Black

Tbh I got a little stuck half way through the first series so I’m planning on picking it up again right after I finish this post! It’s about a girl who sees another girl who looks just like her jump in front of a train. She steals her identity, lives her life and basically becomes her. She ends up realising there’s even more identical women and there’s someone trying to kill them all. It really shows the whole idea behind ‘nature vs nurture’ as they all have the same genes but have been raised differently and it’s obvious in the characters behaviours the effects an upbringing has.

Pretty Little Liars

I can’t do a post without mentioning PLL can I? If you aren’t watching it, start now!

What Netflix series do you recommend?