I know all of us aren’t on millionaire budgets when it comes to decorating and furnishing our homes so I’m all about easy ways to add a high-end look to a Malm-based room! One way is to buy a few statement pieces of furniture. I tend to go for the classic Ikea pieces but am looking to buy a couple of designer pieces of furniture which will make my home look a lot more expensive than it really is, without breaking the bank!

A console table is one of the most useful things you can have in your home. With open plan living, corner sofas can create separation between areas and finding storage to compliment it can be hard. This is the perfect minimal solution which doesn’t intrude on the room and also adds a bit of high-end class. It would also look great and fully use an awkward corner of a room to give you extra storage.

An office space is becoming increasingly important for many people and staying inspired when you’re working from home is essential. A designer desk to give you that Girl Boss ‘I’m gunna nail it’ attitude is worth investing in! This one has hidden storage so you can keep the clutter away and maintain a minimal look. I love the dipped-look legs.

Lighting is one of the most important things in a room but finding lighting that works well can be hard. My personal favourite way to light a room is with a few lamps and fairy lights rather than a main light which can often be quite harsh. A floor standing lamp can be incorporated into any room and provides light as well as a focal point.

Edinburgh will be opening BoConcept, a designer furniture shop on 26th December 2016. Now I have yet another reason to visit Edinburgh! They are also dotted around the UK so it’s worth popping in and having a look at what you can add to your home.